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So I finally changed my hair to somethin a bit more vibrant

definitely missed being red.

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reblogging because of this ^^^

Billie Joe Armstrong as St. Jimmy, from Broadway Idiot

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Ugh this is just so cheesy but last night was literally like something out of a movie and i’m just really excited right nowwwww for EVERYTHING.



i should be working right now lol

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just chillin with the girlies :))

u should eat those theyre getting brown

how dare you. “they” are my friends. i don’t care what colour they are. brown, yellow, green.. who cares? i don’t judge a book by its cover. they are the sweetest girls i know. they’re tough skinned on the outside but they’re all just big softies on the inside. and um, cannibalism is illegal. this is 2013.


fall out boys putting out a punk album and the government is in shutdown??? sounds like its time for a punk rock revolution lets do it

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